Zhijie Qu (屈稚杰)

Graduate Student @ Michigan

Zhijie Qu (屈稚杰)

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I am Zhijie Qu, a Ph.D. student working with Prof. Joel N. Bregman at the University of Michigan. Currently, I am working on the gaseous components in galaxies: the gaseous halo (circumgalactic medium), the gaseous disk (interstellar medium ), and the surrounding intergalactic medium (beyond the galaxy halo). These gasesous contents in galaxies are related to various substantial topics in galaxy formation and evolution: galactic feedback, gas accretion, and gas recycling. My research focuses on characterizing the gas in galaxy at multi-wavelengths (UV, optical, and SZ) and constructing a self-consistent model . We recently discovered a hot gas feature toward M31, which might be the local hot bridge connecting the MW with M31 (see the draft or a brief introduction ).

Before coming to Michigan, I received my B.S. degree from the Peking University , China in Jul. 2015, under the supervision by Prof. Renxin Xu and Prof. M.B.N. (Thijs) Kouwenhoven.